LET'S GO FOR A ROYAL WALK (3 hours)                                                                   

Warsaw, the capital of Poland is a city which experienced a huge damage during the World War II. However, it managed not only to rebuilt its streets and buildings, but also to transform into a modern metropolis.  On this tour we would like to take you on a 3-hours walking tour around Warsaw Old Town and show the most famous spots, a must to see when you come to town. We start our tour with a short visit to the Church of Saint Cross where Frederic Chopin heart is kept. Then we continue to pass by Warsaw University,  Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Presidential Palace, Opera House, King Sigismund Column, Royal Square, St. John’s Cathedral and Old Town. We finish our tour at the Old Town where you can enjoy your souvenir shopping.

Included:  English speaking  guide service, one way public transportation if necessary

Not included: private transportation, meals, entrance fees, gratuities

No entrances



On most of the tours available on Warsaw market you can visit the most important sites in Warsaw in just 3 hours. However our tour lasts at least 5 hours. Don’t worry. You will never hear from us “Hurry up, we have to go quickly”. Quite the opposite. We will tell you the story of the city over a cup of coffee in Francuska Street, the most Parisian (!) of all Warsaw streets. We will take you to the beach … on the Vistula River. If you go on a tour with us on Wednesday, we will take you to the local food market, where you can taste amazing Polish food products. If you happen to join us on Sunday in the summer time, you will enjoy the open air concert of Chopin music held twice a day (noon and 4 p.m. every summer Sunday). Every tour is different like every visitor is different. Some of you may only have enough time to stroll in Łazienki Park but others may have enough time to join the culinary classes of Polish food. Let us be your partner to fall in love with Warsaw at your own pace.

Included:  English speaking  guide service, private transportation 

Not included: meals, entrance fees, gratuities


MEET  WARSAW  HEROES  OF  1944 (4 hours)                                                             

Do you want to know why Warsaw was so much destroyed during the World War II? Have you ever heard about young people going into the battle in August 1944? Do you know what     sign means and why you can see it in so many places in Warsaw? There is a story to tell about the heroic struggle of the citizens of Warsaw against the Nazis occupation. We will tell you the story during the visit in the museum of Warsaw Rising 1944 and then we continue with the stops at the monument of the Warsaw UpRising, Pasta Building, Bank of Poland Redoubt in Bielańska street  and a few others. This was one of the most important moments in the Polish history which Polish people commemorate in a very special way. We will tell you the story of these young people to gave up their lives so that we could live today in a free country.
Included:  English speaking  guide service, private transportation

Not included:  entrance to the Museum of Warsaw Uprising 1944, gratuities


VISIT THE COMMUNIST WARSAW, COMRADE  (4 hours)                                                      

During the World War II Warsaw was destroyed in more than 80%. It was a tremendous loss in city infrastructure. On the other hand it became a new opportunity to build the whole new modern city. However in the communism times it had to be built according to so called Socialist Realism style. The most spetacular example of this architectural style is the Palace of Culture and Science situated just in the city centre. During our tour you will have a chance to visit the inside of Palace and see the panorama of the city from the tarrace situated on the 30th floor. You will also visit the living neighborhood for the hard working people. During our tour you will have a chance to visit the inside of Palace and see the panorama of the city from the tarrace situated on the 30th floor and find out more about the real life in a communism country. We will also tell you a story of extraordinary man general Ryszard Kukliński who has probably saved the world from the World War III during the times of Cold War. We will visit a little private museum where yo  will be able to see the original map of the planned Soviet nuclear attack on the Western Europe in the 70-ties of XX century. 

Included:  English speaking  guide service

Not included:  tickets for public transportation, entrance fees, gratuities

Extras to be paid on spot: entrance fees (Palace of Culture & Science), tickets for the public transport

There are no obligatory entrance fees to gen. Kukliński museum. However gratuties at this museum are appreciated.


THE LOST LIFES OF JEWISH WARSAW (4 hours)                                                     

On this tour we will follow the paths of Jewish remains in the city. Warsaw used to be a big Jewish community before World War II.  30% of Warsaw population was of Jewish origin. They suffered a lot during the hard times of World War II first being squeezed into the ghetto and then being taken away by the Nazis from their homes straight into the death camps. On this tour you will see the only remaining parts of the ghetto wall, you visit Nożyk Synagogue and Jewish cemetery. You also will have a chance to watch a documentary movie in the Jewish Historical Insitute. We will finish our tour with a walk from the Getto Heros’ Monument  to Umschlagplazt.

Included:  private transportation, English speaking  guide service

Not included:  entrance fees, gratuities

Extras to be paid on spot: entrance fees  (Historical  Jewish  Institute, Nożyk synagogue)



   For the Warsaw tours, we can offer you not only one day tours, but also we can package a multiply days 

   tours including:

  • transportation
  • accommodation
  • entrance tickets 
  • meals
  • local attractions



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