Frideric Chopin, the most famous Polish composer was born in Żalazowa Wola, a small village situated about  54 km west of Warsaw. His music touch hearts of people all over the world. Its gently tones are easy to recognise. Let us take you on a tour which will allow you to visit the place where he was born. We hope it will help you to undersand how it happened his music is so special. Except for his extraordinary musical talent, he took a lot from the traditional Polish folk music and the Polish spirit. You can visit not only the original house of his birth but also surrounding park and the church where he was baptized. It can also happen, that if you decided to join the tour in summertime, you will be lucky enough to listen to short concert of Chopin’s music.

Included:  English speaking  guide service, private transportation

Extras to be paid on spot: entrance fee (Żelazowa Wola Museum)


THE MAGICAL CHARM OF KAZIMIERZ DOLNY (full day tour)                                                

Let us take you 150 km South of Warsaw to one of the most picturesque small town in Poland. Built in XVI century the town of Kazimierz Dolny used to be an important point on a trade map of Poland. Today it is a favorite spot not only for the citizens of Warsaw to spend their weekends there but most of all for artist painters who choose this place to live for its undoubtedly amazing landscape beauty.  During your visit you will see the Old Square Market, you will be able to admire the beauty of the landscape from the 3 Crosses Hill and you will have an opportunity to taste the home made Polish liquers.  If the weather permits you will  also enjoy the Vistula River Cruise. 

Included: English speaking guide service, private transportation

Extras to be paid on spot: entrance fees (church, 3 Crosses Hill, ruins of the castle), Vistula River cruise (weather permitting), wineyard visit (if available)



We start our tour with the visit to the Museum of  Blessed Priest Jerzy Popiełuszko, the Solidarity chaplain killed in 1984 by the communist regime. You will get to know the story of the communists fight against the Catholic church in Poland. Later we continue our tour going 60 km West of Warsaw to a small town of Niepokalanów, where Saint Maximilian Kolbe created the convent. During World War he was killed in Auschwitz where he gave out his life for the other prisoner’s life.You will visit the Old Chapel built by Father Kolbe as well as the museum telling the story of his hard working life and heroic death. We finish the tour with a short visit to the Church of Divine Mercy in Warsaw where Saint Sister Faustyna first joined the Convent.

Included: English speaking guide service, private transportation

There are no entrance fees on this tour. However gratuities  at the museums are appreciated.



This is sometimes hard to tell the sad story of the Polish Jews living in Warsaw and other cities of the area nearby which have been taken to Extermination Camp in Treblinka during the dark times of the Nazi occupation and especially the terror year of 1942. None of these people had a chance to survive except for those who managed to escape from the trains taking them to the camp. Before the war Poland was a home country to millions of Jews. On this tour we will take you to Treblinka museum . Later we will follow to a small town of Tykocin, an example of a place where both Polish and Jews lived together their ordinary life. In Tykocin you will be able to visit one of the very few original synagogues, which managed to survive the World War II and are open for visitors.

Included: private transportation, English speaking guide service

Not included: meals, entrance fees, gratuities.

Extras to be paid on spot: entrance fees (Treblinka Camp, synagogue in Tykocin) 


TORUŃ – COPERNICUS TOWN (full day tour)                           

On this day we invite you to visit Toruń, a city situated about 250 km North of Warsaw where Copernicus was born.  This is an original old Medieval city with the ruins of Teutonic Knigths castle. On our tour you will visit one of the very few Medieval  towns in Poland. You will see the house Copernicus was born and the famous Lening Tower. During the tour you will also be invited to the Ginger Bread Factory. Toruń is famous for ginger bread production since XIV century . So you might not leave the city without trying one. Toruń has this special special charm of the old towns so we do believe it will a really special day for you.

Included: private transportation, English speaking guide service

Not included: meals, entrance fees, gratuities.


ŁÓDŹ  (full day tour)                    

On this tour we would like to take you to the amazing city of Łódź. You will find out about the sad history of Jewish community living in Łódź during World War II. You will visit the area of the former Jewish ghetto, Radegast station and the Survivar’s Park. We wil also show you the “Polish Louvre”, a beautiful residence of Izrael Poznański built in XIX century. Łódź, which is a former industry city, is transforming right now into a modern metropoly. So on our tour we cannot miss such places like Łódź Fabryczna – the most modern railway station in Poland, Piotrkowska Street – the most representative place in the city and finally a visit to the most popular shopping center of Manufaktura – one of the best places for shopping in Poland.

Included: private transportation, English speaking guide service

Not included: meals, entrance fees, gratuities.


CRACOW (full day tour)

We invite you to visit this most magical city of Poland, a former Polish capital, the place where Polish kings lived and worked for centuaries and today they are buried in Wawel Hill. Cracow is not only the former Polish capital and the witness of Polish history but also a city full of amazing people and stories. We take a morning train from Warsaw to Kraków. The trip will take approx. 2,5 to 3 hours. In the morning you will visit the Cathedral on the Wawel Hill where people most important for Polish history are buried. Later we continue to the City Square to visit Mariacki Church and Sukiennice. Finally we go to Kazimierz - the former Jewish district where you will have free time for lunch. If time permits we take you to Schindler's factory where you will be able to experience with tyour own eyes what you have seen in the famous Hollywood Oscar winner movie. After the day full of activites, we take an afternoon train to come back to Warsaw. 

Included: train tickets to/from Cracow, public transportation in Cracow, English speaking guide service

Not included: meals, entrance fees, gratuities



Take a day out of Warsaw to Kampinoski National Park situated just in the outskirts of the big modern city. It will be a true opportunity not only to enjoy the time out in the countryside, but also visit the World War II cemetery in Palmiry. If you are lucky enough, you can even meet a moose, which live in the park and can be often seen on the wild forest's paths.

Included: private transportation, English speaking guide service

Not included: meals, entrance fees, gratuities





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